2019 Emblems of the Month

Jan Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: Helper

Sunbeams: Safety First

Girl Guards: Safety First

Explorers: Community Safety

Rangers: Emergency Preparedness

Second Half

Sunbeams: Physical Fitness

Girl Guards: Discovering Body/Mind

Explorers: Team Sports

Rangers: Sports

Feb Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: Trees

Sunbeams: Adventurer

Girl Guards: Hit the Trail

Explorers: Hiking

Rangers: Wilderness Survival


Second Half

Sunbeams: Tree Study

Girl Guards: Green Thumb

Explorers: Gardening

Rangers: Botany

March Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: Colors

Sunbeams: Cyclist

Girl Guards: Pedal Pusher

Explorers: Bicycling

Rangers: Cycling

Second Half

Sunbeams: Artist

Girl Guards: Design & Decorate

Explorers: The Artist

Rangers: Creative Art