Worship VIdeos

7 Downloadable Worship Videos (FREE!!)

Check out these seven worship videos that are perfect to play in your services! Each video is a collaboration between  Salvationist James Allen (music arrangement)  and the Western Territorial MultiMedia Department (Media production) 1. Great is The Faithfulness[...]

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14 Creative Salvation Army Ad Campaigns From Around The World

1. Switzerland  - Bankruptcy ( 2. Brazil - Ex-Valentines Day 3. Brazil - Donate Your Past To Us (     4. Canada - Dignity Is Within[...]

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Southern CAL YAR 2013 REVIEW

Young Adult Retreat  2013 was all about being "Called"! Isaiah 41:9 says, " I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ' You are my servant.'; I have chosen you and have not rejected you." This message of assurance from the Lord, to God's chosen people Is[...]

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Poetry (Creative Writing WYI 2013)

During this years WYI we put on a Creative Writing elective hosted and facilitated by Aleen Bradley. Here's a great pieces of poetry to come out of that class written by Breanna Barrie.   Faith It all looks so dark A fear I’ve never experienced Hope seems no where around My wor[...]

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  RIGHT CLICK  each picture, "open in new tab" to get enlarged version. CLICK HERE TO GO TO PHOTOS!

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Great Pics From Chalk Dance WYI 2013 “GO”

  A few of our photos!

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10 ways to make church less boring (Oct 2012)

1. Spend some time in prayer prior to leaving the house. Pray that the Spirit will move mightily and that God will reveal himself through the worship, message, and fellowship. 2. Commit to encouraging your fellow church members. 3. Read, digest, and commit the words that you sing during wo[...]

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12 Photos of The Salvation Army with U.S. Presidents

In honor of Presidents Day we thought we'd share with you a few photos of various interactions the Salvation Army has had with our countries Commander-in-Chiefs. 1. The Salvation Army and President Warren G. Harding (Left of Mrs. Harding in the white dress ) c.1920 (If you're unaware who Warrren G[...]

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12 Uniforms Trends We Hope Come Back In Style

1. Sgt. Peppers Style Band Tunics 2. The Bonnet 3. The Cop Hat (Not the Saxophone) 4. The Mock Standup 5. The Turban 6. The poofy shoulder sleeve 7. The Original 8. The Stand Up 9. Uniform accessories like swords and shields 10. The Ghost Tie 11. The Pin Stripe [...]

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12 Unique Salvation Army Products You Can Own

Salvation Army Dog   Belt Buckle   Ruler/ M[...]

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