What if William Booth had an Instagram account?


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Here's what the youth were up to at WBC. Watch it here or you can now download it for your later viewing pleasure...check below CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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10 Reasons why WYI was totally rad in the 90’s

1. We sang about a deer in every session 2. The mime class was full. < 3. Your Hypercolor shirt blew the minds of your friends 4. Bending over in pictures was totally cool. 5. You longed to be the one that John picked to be in our version of Kid’s Incorporated. 6. Denim shorts[...]

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15 Reminders of the good-old-days of being a camper in the 90’s

1. When it was absolutely hilarious when your counselor wore this at campfire. 2. When your mouth watered when you watched the cook scrape the layer of lard and unwrap the bacon. 3. When you longed to sing grace to the tune of Adam’s Family 4. When the favorite camp wide game was to f[...]

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18 things we will miss most about the 15 passenger vans:

1. Playing the game “What is that stain from on the ceiling of the van?” 2. The insecure interior finishes 3. The sweet jams from AM 590 4. Sitting on the actual springs in the middle row 5. The dope rims 6. The crack in the windshield that the corps council continues to blame t[...]

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20 Things We Loved About WMI in the 90’s

1. Incredible comedic bits by the Great Gordak 2. When bandmasters wore nautical themed outfits 3. When David Dunford melted hearts with his piano playing 4. When the Dum Dum Dada Dada song gave green lights to touch the leg next to you 5. When you spent the week worrying if she would sa[...]

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20 Examples of the Perfect Salvationist Selfie

Family Love   Easter   Smirk   100 Hashtags   Thumbs up   Shy Ripped   Annex Office   The Officer   Preacher   Miscellaneous Hashtags   Flash Face   Cousins   Photo [...]

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May the 4th be with you!

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Tell Tale Signs You Work In a Church Office

1. All flowers in the office still have their price tags on them. 2. Your bookshelves tend to attract books you are going to read soon. 3. Porcelain figurines can be found in every cubicle. 4. Most of the artwork on the walls have fancy fonts. 5. Working whiteboards rarely get erased. [...]

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