Blast from the Past



These were as much of a blast to watch as they were to shoot! If you missed WYI we'll be posting the sessions up also, but for now, enjoy what we did with our wacky imaginations! 45min, 2 cameras, 30+ delegates each track rotation, not to shabby!   NOTE: Just click on the video below and [...]

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Golden State Young Adult Retreat REVIEW!

Last weekend the Golden State Young Adults met for an "Authentic" weekend of fellowship, encouragement, and teaching at Camp Redwood Glen. Special guest Rob Noland from Revolution Hawaii challenged delegates to be Authentic in their faith. "True, authentic faith starts with the cross" this was the p[...]

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Hawaii Corps Cadet Retreat (Nov 2012) “Battlefield” REVIEW!

The social life and challenges our young people face today are much more than going to school or attending after school and church activities – it truly is a Battlefield. This year the Corps Cadet Retreat was based on equipping our young people with tools that will help them in the battle they fa[...]

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