Southern CAL YAR 2013 REVIEW


Southern CAL YAR 2013 REVIEW

Young Adult Retreat  2013 was all about being “Called”! Isaiah 41:9 says, ” I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘ You are my servant.'; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.” This message of assurance from the Lord, to God’s chosen people Israel, is a message to us today – we are also called and chosen by God! Major Lisa Smith got the weekend started on Friday evening and Lt. Sergio Garcia concluded the weekend’s Sunday morning meeting, encouraging delegates to recognize calling and answer.  Special guest presenters Major Steven Bradley, Major Kyle Smith and Major Lisa Smith presented encouraging sessions respectively about our call to holiness, creative leadership, and making disciples to reinforce this message.


The Southern California Divisional Praise and Worship Team, Surround the City, led the delegates and staff in meaningful worship and reflection throughout the weekend and were a vital part of the leadership for the weekend as delegates and staff took part in small groups and activities, including a photo scavenger hunt, glow-in the dark dodgeball, a game truck, and campfire and s’mores.

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Please pray for the delegates who attended the weekend, that they would continue to listen and respond to the Lord’s calling in their lives as they continue to seek and to serve Him.


Aleen Bradley


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Great weekend!!!

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