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50 Sec Sermon 2 WYI 2014-image

50 Sec Sermon 2 WYI 2014

Here’s another Sermon Clip from WYI 2014 REFINE! This one’s from our very own Commissioner Jim Knaggs!  

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Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 3-image

Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 3

Yesterday began with looking at Solomon’s life – his pursuits of every meaningless path to find a meaningful life, and ended looking at our own pursuits versus pursuing God. Co...

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Emblems of the Month (JUNE)-image

Emblems of the Month (JUNE)

Now that summer is upon us, if you’re like most corps, troop programs have wrapped up for the year and youth leaders and officers across the territory can breathe a sigh of relie...

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