Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 3


Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 3

Yesterday began with looking at Solomon’s life – his pursuits of every meaningless path to find a meaningful life, and ended looking at our own pursuits versus pursuing God.

Colonel Dusty Hill brought us God’s truth from Solomon’s life in the morning, while Lt. Ashley Koebel spoke on Abraham’s life to close out the day.

Along with the competitive fellowship of human foosball for cabin wars, electives and free time made Camp Redwood Glen come alive with laughter and chatter.

Josh Young, from the Phoenix South Mountain Kroc, shared his riveting testimony in the evening meeting, which was placed in the week according to God’s timing, as he was a natural bridge between Solomon’s pursuits shared in the morning, and God’s promises fulfilled through Abraham in the evening.

With Throwback Thursday as the theme, neon, grunge, and frizzy hair abounded, but the power of God’s Spirit came upon the room as WYI staff members stood up to share their throwback moments of God’s transformation – including many who accepted Christ at a Salvation Army camp when they were younger.

Beck Helms transitioned us from transformation to calling through sharing her own personal testimony that obviously touched many present in a deep way. More staff members shared their throwback moments of when God called them into ministry, pointing out that we don’t do these events just for the sake of doing events, but rather providing a place of encountering God’s call on our lives.

Following Lt. Koebel’s message on Abraham and focusing on God, allowing Him to work His dreams out for us and for the world, delegates wrote their next step on small sticky notes that were placed on a board. As it was raised, complete with everyone’s call and next step, it revealed Jesus’ face. And that’s what it’s all about – we look to Him.

May God continue to be glorified as we seek His face.



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