The Armory is a bi-weekly Zoom meeting on Tuesdays at 1pm with the purpose of creating a space for diligent learning

in order to develop and equip youth leaders.



“Equip yourself with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what

is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.”


LESSON 1: Planning a Teen Night

Teen night is an effective way to get young people into the church. Join us as we discuss on Zoom with Captain Emmanuel Masango, the Western Territorial Youth Secretary, about how to plan an engaging teen night.

LESSON 2: Behavior Management 

Behavior management is an important tool to have when working with kids! Learn some helpful tips about how to respond to various behaviors from Kaila Ogletree and Captain Leah Fowler. 

LESSON 3: Innovation

Innovation will always be beneficial to the church, but especially in youth ministry as the culture and trends for young people are constantly changing. Hear from Envoys Steven and Sharon Bussey about techniques for implementing innovation in your youth work.

LESSON 4: Creating An Engaging Troops Program

Troops programs are essential in the work we do at the Corps level. Even though the curriculum is a good starting point, we can always implement more strategies to help kids retain the content. Captain Jillian O’Brien shares how to adapt and add to the current Troops program to make it more engaging for the kids.

LESSON 5: Teaching a Biblical Worldview to Youth 

Having a biblical worldview is a key foundation for any young person in The Salvation Army. Join Envoy Dave Witthoff and Krystina Macias in a discussion on how to teach this to our youth.


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Resources to support Explorers of all abilities in completing their Team Sports, God’s Word, and Cooking emblems.


Resources to support Sunbeams of all abilities in completing their Flower Study, Bible, and Cooking emblems.