In light of all the changes to routine we’d like to offer some options for Corps Cadets to continue with the program this Spring. 

  1. Brigades are more than welcome to continue meeting over video-calls and students can continue to fill in the worksheets for credit (the new national Social Media and Digital Communications guidelines should be followed of course). 
  2. Parents and children are welcome to do Corps Cadets together at home.

Corps Cadets for the Spring will no longer require the Activity Record but will only require the 2-page worksheet. Once completed at home, scan and email it in to your Corps Officer. They will review it and send it on to DHQ for grading and recording. 

All the material has been recombined at the link below. You’ll find a PDF for each week of Corps Cadets that includes the material from the leader guide (for a parent or brigade leader) and the student book. Not every activity will be possible without a whole brigade of course, but the essential lesson and the teachings on scripture are the most important parts of any study. These can be accomplished at home through meetings online or through family discussion. 


If you have any other questions about Corps Cadets in this time, feel free to reach out to your DYSs for guidance and support.

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