2019 Emblems of the Month

October Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: The Salvation Army

Sunbeams: First Aider

Girl Guards: Safety First- First Aid

Explorers: First Aid

Rangers: Emergency Preparedness

Second Half

Sunbeams: Salvation Army

Girl Guards: TSA

Explorers: The Salvation Army 

Rangers: SA History

Nov Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: Cooking Fun

Sunbeams: Collector

Girl Guards: Collector

Explorers: Collector

Rangers: DYO


Second Half

Sunbeams: Nursery Craft

Girl Guards: Super Sitter

Explorers: Fitness

Rangers:  Athletics

December Emblems

First Half 

Moonbeams: Winter Fun

Sunbeams: Singing

Girl Guards: Choices with Voices

Explorers: Music

Rangers: Musician

Second Half

Sunbeams: Shopper

Girl Guards: Christmas Ministries

Explorers: Men of the Bible

Rangers: Bible Knowledge