Boot Camp 2014 is right around the corner with the theme, “Home.”  Our hope is that when you come to Boot Camp this year you will know that God wants to make His home in you personally and in your ministry.  We want your personal home to be worthy of His presence and for those that come to your Corps to feel as if they are “home.”

So let me ask, “How is your home?”  We all need to clean, rearrange, update and improve our home from time to time.  That’s the opportunity we want to give you at Boot Camp.  Not only do we want you to have a time of encouragement, fellowship, and fun, but also a time look at your personal home as well as your corps home and how it could be improved.


Joshua made the statement, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”  Is that your desire—for your corps and ministry?  It is interesting that Joshua makes the point that he will serve the Lord even ahead of his family.  Serving the Lord is the key to anything we do in life.  Joshua was proclaiming in front of all of Israel that nothing came before the Lord and that he was going to serve Jehovah.

Sometimes it is easier to serve the Lord through ministry than it is personally.  Serving the Lord personally can all too easily be put to the side for the sake of ministry.  God desires for us to serve Him first in all that we do through a personal relationship with Him.  How is your personal relationship?  I hope you are taking time to continue to build your home on the things that matter most, spending time with God as well as reading and living out His Word.

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Joshua goes on to say that he will do all that he can to make sure that his family, servants, and everyone in his sphere of influence serve the Lord.  What a great claim!  It is our hope that the place where you minster is creating a welcoming environment that fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and modeling Jesus through activities and personal interaction.  It is a great privilege God has given us to minster to youth and one that should not be taken lightly.  Joshua knew that in all he did he needed to model God to his family and acquaintances.

All of our programming should do the same with one goal in mind: to show the Love of Christ in all that we do.  Is it?  Do your youth feel loved, safe and secure, both spiritually and physically in your corps?  My guess is that they do, or they would not be there.

Thanks for all you are doing in your corps to minster to your youth.  I hope you are able to attend Boot Camp so you can be renewed, challenged, and encouraged.

See you at HOME.