2020 Group Studies


 The need to explain our faith is becoming more and more necessary. We can no longer be comfortable with our faith being just another passed-on family traditions. We need to be fully aware of WHY we believe and be able to defend it with sound arguments and not simply emotion. Why do I need apologetics? If you were to find a motivation to learn apologetics I would argue that it is a form of respecting other people’s beliefs. Respecting their beliefs to the point of willing to explain your own in a way they could understand without any prior knowledge.


In this study we’ll consider the concept of catechism and what it might mean for today. Catechism is (generally speaking) the process by which people (particularly young children) learn the essential beliefs and doctrines of their faith. While catechism is not a common term in evangelical churches, we still find processes and methods for relating The Faith to the next generation. The subject of catechism can be a reminder to our churches that Christian Education benefits from clear goals and outcomes and from an organized approach to
such a sacred task.


We don’t often speak about suffering and difficulties in detail in our Christian tradition. It is not a nice topic. There are no easy answers.
Even the answers we have do not fully satisfy. But there are answers, and more than answers, God has actually experienced many of the sufferings and pains we’ve come to know in our lives. It seems Jesus even asked similar questions in the Garden of Gethsemane, saying “Lord if there’s any other way…” In this study we’ll look at the questions of suffering and grief and consider what scripture says about our darkest times.


Have you ever questioned someone else’s interpretation of a Bible passage? Do you have the desire to probe deeper into the meaning of Scripture? Want to get to know the Biblical writers and understand why they wrote what they wrote? If so, it’s time to learn exegesis. This study will simply introduce the art of exegesis in such a way that, hopefully, spurs you on to dig deeper into Scripture and its background. Prepare to be challenged.