Troops is a great way to outreach in your community! Partner up with businesses in the community and share flyers with your local corps Troop info.

To ensure all youth involved, encourage parents to fill out this application for your corps files that includes permission signatures and other personal information.

Registrations are completed through Corps Management. Access is granted to TSA employees upon approval from your Corps Officer (contact your DYS for access).


 The Moonbeams program serves as a holistic Christian Education experience for girls and boys in Pre-K to Kindergarten. Every month, Moonbeams can earn up to two emblems. These emblems encourage learning, development, and positive social habits, while being Christ-centered. Emblems are available in English and in Spanish!

What do I need to print?

  • Kids’ Pages—Contains the actual activities for Moonbeams.
  • Leader’s Pages—Contains overview, objectives and a lesson plan.

Additional Resources

Anything else you may be looking for may be found here! From artwork to DYO Emblems applications, this section is your go-to for all additional resources.

Need help planning and finding badgework? Do you have a combined Troop?

Emblems of the Month is a structured month-to-month layout for busy youth workers who simply need some help! Emblems are mapped out monthly for all Troop types and are based off compatibility, for the on-the-go youth leaders!