A Personal Invitation to Redwoods


So much of the work Jesus did on earth centered on community. Jesus spent much of his time teaching, healing, traveling, and eating with others. Jesus’ method of discipleship even involved spending much of his time in a small community of twelve. During his life on earth, Jesus spent a lot of time with others.

As we listened and learned from young adults across the territory, we found that community and authentic relationships are areas that many young adults desire to go deeper in. This is significant to us because as we can see from Jesus’ example, discipleship took place through community and the building of authentic relationships.

With this in mind, we have developed Redwoods as a resource and opportunity for young adults who want to engage in discipleship and build authentic relationships through community. Redwood groups have made an impact in our own lives and we personally invite you into this experience of discipleship, community, and the building of authentic relationships.

– The Salvation Army Western Territorial Youth Department

What is Redwoods?

Redwood trees, like other trees, have roots that grow down into the ground. What sets Redwood trees apart is the way their roots also grow horizontally to intertwine with other Redwood trees. These intertwined roots form a “grove” or “community” of Redwood trees which has allowed them to remain one of the oldest living things on earth. Redwoods is an approach to young adult ministry that emphasizes discipleship through community. Community is achieved through Redwood Group gatherings and discipleship happens through group leadership, group dialog, and the curriculum Redwood Groups choose to study together.

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