Often as a youth leader it is easy to hold a young person accountable. Mostly because you have built a relationship with that youth, they respect you, seek your wisdom, they respond to the things you say and you don’t fear the same accountability in return. But when it comes to holding peers accountable it can feel like climbing the steepest of mountains. This month we look to the scriptures to guide in how to hold each other accountable while exercising grace and showing love.


Have you ever had that friend that was the “call me” friend? You know the one was like your BFF but, would never initiate anything with you or think of you when they had that extra concert ticket. They would just say “call me” when they were done hanging out with you and then later ghost you! Whether it’s a significate other or brother or sister in Christ, relationships
can be a challenge. This month we look at what it takes to build a solid base for relationships so that we don’t turn into the “call me” person.

Money Management

Our Redwood Group topic for this month is money management. The Bible gives us several guiding principles, examples, and wisdom for how to manage our finances responsibly. Our
attitude and actions toward our finances ultimately help us live out Jesus’ commands of loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Navigating Change

Everything changes. How we deal with that reality determines how we are molded by the outcome. You are not the child you once were nor are you the student you once were. The truth is, struggling to move on from the past can hurt your future. Not all change is bad but all change requires an adjustment of our character. In this month’s study, we’re going to explore
the examples of 4 individuals in God’s word who had to deal with change, their faults, and their successes.

Galatians: (Faithfulness)

The book of Galatians begins with Paul’s admonition to the church. They had begun to drift from the way of life that Jesus had taught. Paul writes to them in this letter about faithfulness and the gospel that they had originally held. In the early parts of the letter Paul cites his calling from Jesus and the acceptance of the other apostles. He builds a case here for his argument by
showing that he stands on the truth that was confirmed by others. Paul does this because he calls out the Galatians in the middle section (chapter 3) for being led astray. Instead of faithfully holding to the way of Jesus, the Galatians had returned to the familiarity of the law.

Health and Wellness

Our Redwood Group topic for this month is Health and Wellness. The Bible often uses fitness and health to describe bigger mysteries. Like when Paul talks about runners competing for a crown and comparing it to us “running the good race” for the kingdom. The Bible uses these examples because Health and Wellness are topics that are a really big deal for us as Christians
and Humans!

Saying No

This month, we will be focusing on time management and using that small word that is very difficult for us to say—no. Many areas in our lives such as school, work, family and ministry, tend to pile up, causing a very busy and exhausting schedule. Living a healthy lifestyle and setting aside quality time with God, allows our soul to be refreshed and helps us effectively walk in the plans God has laid out ahead.

Saying Yes

In life, we get flooded with things to do, places to be, and schedules to keep. Frankly, it can all get exhausting, and when those things to do and places to be are centered on service to others, we run the risk of burn-out or living a busy yet unfulfilled life. Does this mean we stop our service? Sometimes. Yes. But saying no to serving others is not the only way to avoid this unsatisfying life of giving excessively. Join us on a four week walk through of exploring the other option: how to say yes – the healthy way.

Ephesians: Life of the Church

In the book of Ephesians, Paul writes to the church about their new life in Christ. The book begins with an explanation of our blessing from God: we’re adopted into His family! In chapter 2, Paul talks about the difference between our old life and our new life in Christ and the family of God. In chapter 3, he explains his mission to be a minister of the Gospel. Then, in the last half of the book, Paul details how people should now live as they follow the way of Jesus. Christians are to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling” of the gospel. 

Spiritual Disciplines 

 Have you ever gone through a period in life where you love God so much – never having felt so connected to Him? In the midst of that, you may feel like you will never feel distant from God again. This month in your Redwood group, you will explore 12 simple, not-so-secret acts to help you not only connect with God, but to reengage Him: the spiritual disciplines. We see these practices outlined throughout the Bible, and when we put them into practice in our own lives, we can find ourselves back in a purpose filled life of enjoying Jesus.


Overview Heaven is an idea that expands across religions and cultures, but why do we care so much about it? What about our human nature draws us to the idea of an eternity? This month, we are going to look at the very real implications of a place called heaven.


Our Redwood Group topic for this month is Worship. A.W. Tozer explains it in a great way “WE CAN ADMIRE WITHOUT WORSHIPPING, BUT WE CANNOT WORSHIP WITHOUT ADMIRING, BECAUSE WORSHIP IS ADMIRATION CARRIED TO INFINITUDE. IN THE SAME WAY, WE CAN HONOR WHAT WE DO NOT WORSHIP, BUT WE CANNOT WORSHIP THE ONE WE DO NOT HONOR.” Let’s consider this as we study worship this month and seek to know God more.