Youth Councils SO CAL 2014 (RECAP)


Youth Councils SO CAL 2014 (RECAP)

On March 21st, about 270 delegates, chaperones and staff came together for an encounter with Jesus; a weekend that, “Unmasked” the scriptures, who God is and who we are in him. The theme, Unmasked, was supported by our scripture, found in Isaiah 40:5, “Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together.



The Lord has spoken.” Throughout the weekend, a camp wide “color competition” was held, in which points were earned for completing tasks, decoding clues and scripture verses (with custom decoder rings!) and participation. The Red Team winners will be planning a youth event at their Corps, hosted by the SoCal Youth Department. Our special guest for the weekend, College for Officer Training Principle, Major Tim Foley, challenged us to see the ways in which God reveals himself to us and to look at ourselves the way that God sees us and to be comfortable there.


One of the highlights for the weekend was the Worship Night on Saturday evening featuring our Divisional Worship Team, Surround the City as well as spoken word from Daniel Bates. This was a fun and special time of worship, praise and prayer.



On Sunday morning, we were encouraged by many who came forward to accept Christ and to rededicate their lives to him. Please pray for those who attended whether they made commitments, experienced a stirring in their heart or have not yet decided how to move forward.




Pray that God would continue to reveal himself to those would see him and receive him.



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