Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 2


Refine – Blogging from where it’s all happening 2

Mary of Magdalene. Not the usual biblical character one focuses on. Yet an excellent start to the second full day of WYI.

Colonel Dave Hudson preached powerful words on this life that was drastically changed and continually refined. He reminded us that our story is important, but isn’t really about us. Our story is intended to point the world to Jesus.

The day continued with divisional breakout groups. One of the opportunities divisions have to experience is the Henry Cowell Park in Santa Cruz with a mile-long trail with words and scriptures to contemplate as they experience the marvelous creation of God’s mighty redwoods.

A unanimous highlight of the day was the cabin wars dance-off. The entire camp gathered together on the basketball court to prove their moves. Although not winners, even the Divisional Youth Secretaries of our territory came to impress.

Small groups and electives continued to provide opportunities for deep conversations and challenging thoughts as well as creative outlets.

The night culminated with a good, old-fashioned WYI game night. Delegates and staff alike had the opportunity to show their knowledge of board games, brand logos, Disney songs, and Bible translations (sorry, DYSs, but you really should have known Dios Habla Hoy and the Jewish Orthodox Bible, shouldn’t you?!).

God continues to be glorified through our tears and laughter and discussions shared here at Camp Redwood Glen at WYI 2014.



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