Alaska Youth Councils 2014 – Unmasked (REVIEW)


Alaska Youth Councils 2014 – Unmasked (REVIEW)

Alaska’s Youth were inspired, challenged, and equipped at the 2014 Unmasked Youth Councils.  The weekend included awesome activities, amazing praise and worship, and excellent speakers.  The workshops were original hands on experiences that dealt with everything from Spiritual Growth, using your creative gifts for God, and serving your community.


Activities like the unmasked human scavenger hunt, Carnivale, and bucking salmon will not easily be forgotten, but the weekend was more than activities, it was about transformation, about letting your mask down, about revealing yourself to God, and being forever changed by his love.


The altar was full at each service with teens longing to draw closer to God, longing for redemption, and longing to be used by Christ.


I believe the Alaska Youth Councils is an opportunity for bigger and better things to come for the Alaskan Division and for the youth that we serve and love.

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