My Serve


What is MyServe?

MyServe is for Senior Soldier Salvationists in the Western Territory who intend to have a career working for The Salvation Army. MyServe students have a vision for their career in The Salvation Army and a clear sense of how their college degree will benefit their career vision.

MyServe students must be enrolled in college/university full time, be in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Undergraduate Degree, and able to maintain a minimum 2.5 term and cumulative GPA while in the program. Five new students are added to the MyServe program each year and are awarded a grant of $7,500 per year for tuition and educational expenses for up to four years. MyServe students have the option of exploring internships to help broaden their experience within The Salvation Army and their field of interest. Following graduation, it is hoped that MyServe students will seek employment with The Salvation Army, and it is hoped that they will maintain such employment for at least six months for every year they received a MyServe grant.  Such employment is subject to availability and the standard selection process without any preference for MyServe graduates. The Salvation Army does not guarantee employment to MyServe graduates.

MyServe is a shared initiative between the Territorial Youth Department, the Territorial Education Department, and the Territorial Human Resources Department.


What are the qualifications for MyServe?

• Must be a Senior Soldier Salvationist

• Must be in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree

• Must be accepted/enrolled full-­‐time (12 credits/units) in an accredited college or university

• Must maintain a minimum 2.5 term and cumulative GPA

• Must be between the ages of 17-­‐29 with a high school diploma

• Must currently attend a Western Territory Corps and be involved in Corps ministry

• Must commit to being involved in Corps ministry at least three hours per week

• Must reside in the US legally according to US law

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