1. Spend some time in prayer prior to leaving the house. Pray that the Spirit will move mightily and that God will reveal himself through the worship, message, and fellowship.

2. Commit to encouraging your fellow church members.

3. Read, digest, and commit the words that you sing during worship.

4. Stow away all personal belongings that distract you from engaging in worship.

5. Ask a friend if they will pray for you. And in turn ask if they have any prayer requests.

6. Take notes during the sermon and commit to spend time throughout the week to digest and dig deeper into God’s word.

7. Join the welcome team and pay special attention to first time visitors. Welcome them like you are welcoming them to your house. Show them around and inform them of what your church offers.

8. Sing loud and proud during worship. Sing as if every song is your favorite song.

9. Leave notes of encouragement in the songbook and bible provided by the church in your pew or chair.

10. Enter the church with the expectation that you will leave the church renewed.

by Jim Sparks