Bible Bowl 2014


It was another fun and successful Territorial Bible Bowl Competition at Camp Kuralti!  It was an inspiring weekend of competition, fellowship, and worship.  Shortly after arrival, Friday evening started off with the first five rounds of competition ending with a time of worship.  Then, first thing Saturday morning, after worship and a devotional thought, the teams were at it again until the final three were determined. Saturday night, after all the competitions were over, there was a time of fun and fellowship as the teams participated in an evening of competitive games.The highlight of the evening was when the coaches were given the chance to show off their Bible Bowl skills.  The Bible Bowlers definitely enjoyed seeing the roles reversed.

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Teams from all 10 Divisions participated in the competition answering questions on the Book of Romans and James.

The three teams heading to Commissioning in June are:

Hawaii Division

Southern California Division

Sierra del Mar Division

Most impressive was how the Bible Bowlers were able to bring to mind all the scripture they had memorized.  You could tell there was much time, effort, and discipline given to preparing for the tournament.  Every team was able to answer questions that most college Bible students would struggle to answer.  Just as impressive was the sense of comradely among the divisions as the competition progressed.  It was great to see teams as they began to be eliminated, cheer on winning divisions as they progressed.  Even though it was a competition, there were no ill feelings amongst any of the teams.  Many of the teams made new friends and spent time together throughout the weekend.

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On more than one occasion during the worship times the message of knowing and reading God’s Word came across loud and clear.  We all were reminded not to take God’s Word for granted and it is not just a “book” to memorize for competition but it is the Living Word of God.  We need to apply what we read and memorize in life.  One of the verses memorized by the teams was James 1: 22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”  There is no doubt that the 80 teens, who have memorized Romans and James, are now able to bring to memory the scriptures at any given moment.  More importantly, they will strive to live out the Word of God on a daily basis.  Can’t wait until the final at Commissioning and next year’s tournament.


Team Cascade


Team Alaska


Team Del Oro


Team Golden State


Team Sierra Del Mar


Team Intermountain


Team Souther California


Team Southwest


Team Northwest


Team Hi/Pac