I often find myself in conversations over what style the church today should have.

Should it be hip?

Should it be traditional?

Should we allow people to bring their coffee in the sanctuary?

Should we control the clapping?


Should we have separate services for the younger and older audiences?

Should we have fancy lights?

Should we have seven plasma screens with fancy graphics?

Should we be a mobile church, meaning we only meet via text messaging?

These types of conversations are often spirited and never really have a consensus.


I believe we worry too much on which style our church should be. We tend to overlook what people really want. What people want is a sense of belonging. We want a place where we feel welcome. We want a place that loves us no matter what. We want a safe place that welcomes and embraces our family. We want community.

Your church style isn’t the primary draw for people. Your congregation is. The connection your congregation makes with its community is what draws people in. Understand that your congregation will naturally create the “style”of your church. Allow your congregation to express their style of worship. And as your congregation grows through the connections, so too will your style.

So try not to get caught up with the questions above and instead focus more on your congregation’s soul. Seek to be a loving, welcoming, and affirming congregation that’s desire is to lead people to the cross. These traits are infectious and create an environment where people want to worship.

Jim Sparks