The Territorial Youth Department will be hosting a Commissioner’s Sunbeam Gala, honoring all Commissioner’s Sunbeams from the Western Territory!

The Gala will take place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 in at the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel in Cerritos, CA.

The gala is exclusively for award recipients and all registered guests will be screened for validity. Any minors in attendance must have one adult (leader or parent) present with them and should be registered as well. The space is limited, so make sure you register soon! Click here to register now:

In addition, any Sunbeams who are close to completing their review to become a Commissioner’s Sunbeam, will be able to join in and be enrolled by our Territorial Commanders, Commissioners Kenneth & Jolene Hodder.

We are very excited to share in this time and look forward to commemorating you!

Lastly, check out this Commissioner’s Sunbeam gala article brought to you by our very own New Frontier Chronicle!