How has God called you to Step Out?

At the 2014 Corps Cadet retreat in Del Oro we were challenged to answer that question for ourselves. Lt. Justin Docherty spoke to us about the Israelites, Moses, and Joshua. We are made free to serve, he has chosen us and is making us holy, therefore we should advance, go “find your White Chapel”, just as William Booth did in his day. Joshua 3:5 reminded us to count on God as we advance for him, “Make yourselves holy! Tomorrow the Lord will do wonderful things among you.”

ccr ccr 12


There were many highlights of the weekend, the sessions included teens kneeling at their seats as they connected with God as well as teens and youth workers sharing their life testimony. We had workshops on learning to evangelize through building relationships and repairing our souls (and our soles). There were great fellowship times during Late night and Free time activities like the popular spa station, Del Oro café with Starbucks worthy drinks, Ultimate Frisbee, Campfire with deluxe smores, the shoe repair station and prayer chapel.


The weekend would not be complete without our Color war obstacle course and color war to finish it off. We’ll be trying to get color out of our hair for a week!

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Saturday night we held a Black and White dinner and Runway show. Everyone was given the chance to strut down the red carpet and runway to show off their shoes and outfits. Paparazzi were present to take red carpet “shoe” photos which would be presented in a poster format at the end of the weekend.

ccr camp


It was a great weekend that God truly blessed. We know that he will continue to use all that happened throughout the weekend to help our Corps Cadets to Step Out for him.