“He broke the power of death and illuminated the way to life and immortality through the Good News.” This verse came to life at Del Oro’s Say Summit as many youth drew closer to God and made decisions all throughout the weekend. It was an awesome sight to see!

With the change in name came some new ideas that were implemented in our division to promote spiritual growth and discipleship as well as reaching out to those who have not made a decision to follow Jesus. We had opportunities throughout the weekend for connecting with God, learning about him and His Word and connecting with peers and leaders. We created Summit groups to meet 3 times throughout the weekend. They were broken up by age to do interactive activities that enhanced the message. These were a hit! They did things like making LED lights, performing acts of kindness throughout the retreat, art war and more. We also heard great conversations happening during evening Cabin talks and Corps Morning devotions. We created special Pastoral groups for the Officers and leaders during the weekend led by DHQ and THQ staff. We tried to provide them with some encouragement, support and treats! Our motto is Take care of your leaders and they’ll take care of the youth! This was a new item that was well received in addition to the leader lounge provided once again this year.


Our weekend speakers brought God’s transforming message in different ways to speak to different people. Robi Quick from Bayside Church spoke to them about the darkness in the world, stepping into the light and bringing the light to those around you. Capt. Mike Halverson talked about Jesus’ sacrifice for us and our response to his sacrifice. He impressed upon their hearts accepting that sacrifice and making a sacrifice of your life to God. Commissioner James Knaggs reminded the delegates that God can do great things through young people, illuminate in your world and allow the Holy Spirit to begin a great work through you in your Corps and community. This Sunday we heard several reports of youth who are taking action as a result of their commitments during the weekend. One preached this past Sunday at his Corps because of the challenge he felt. Another gave her testimony shared on Facebook:


AMAZING testimony this morning from one of the youth about her trip to her 1st ever Say Summit. She didn’t know what to expect except that it would be fun and: “I knew that God was going to change my life. I knew that God was going to work in my life whether I accepted it or not…I knew that he was going to make my achievements bigger and my sins smaller! I accepted Christ…It wasn’t me – it was God transforming me because he knew [where I had been and what I have experienced and that] I needed a change in my life.” She’s already impacting people by illuminating in the world around her!  




And we keep hearing of others testifying at their Corps about what God did in their hearts.

We had a good selection of workshops. They included learning to perform spoken word or rap, using clean comedy to be a light, being a missionary in your world, finding God’s path for you, how to deal with difficult circumstances of life, painting, digging deeper into God’s Word, performing a Polynesian dance, and a leader workshop on helping kids through dark times in life. They were able to attend two of their choice.



Of course the weekend wouldn’t be complete without fun activities to enjoy. On Saturday we had a lawn party, 4 different tournaments, Hungry Human hippos, Human bowling, live DJ, Crafts and other great things available at the camp. Saturday evening we had a talent program with participants from several corps and guests we brought in to do hula, spoken word, rap and comedy. It was a great night! Afterwards we had Glow games, a campfire with s’mores, and a Tahitian dance and fire dance presentation. The times spent enjoying fellowship were some of the best of the weekend.

To God be the glory! He did amazing things during Say Summit. We trust he will continue to work in the lives that he touched this weekend and we’ll see revival at work in the Corps of the Del Oro division.