Emblems of the Month


As the new program year begins, we also welcome back, by popular demand, Emblems of the Month! Surely, leaders’ minds are actively brainstorming which emblems to work on, and with so many choices, it can be exciting and a bit tedious to figure out which ones will work for the corps, the youth, and the leaders.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, no one possibly goes into November without thinking of turkey, the color brown, and Native Americans. However, there are some national weeks in November that totally apply to emblems you can work on with your youth.

The first week of November is known as National Animal Shelter Appreciation week! (Nov. 3-9) Take this opportunity to work on emblems that relate and feel free to accompany your youth to the local animal shelter. Each troop has a badge in this category, so you could use this time to have them work alongside one another on larger activities.


Since each troop can earn two emblems a month, take advantage of National Bible Week (Nov. 23-29) and dig into the scriptures while exploring emblems in that area.

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