Saying farewell to officers is never easy. Neither is writing a farewell speech. Look no further. Fill in the blanks below and you got yourself a great speech.


It’s been NUMBER short years since OFFICER NAME were appointed here at the ADJECTIVE Territorial Headquarters. During their time here they have accomplished ADJECTIVE things and have had a/an ADJECTIVE impact on NUMBER people. They have ADJECTIVE hearts and were always willing to VERB in and help where needed. They are such ADJECTIVE officers that at any given moment you can go into their office to find them working on VERB ENDING IN ING. 

We are deeply going to VERB them, which will make this transition VERB. We understand that God has called them to PLACE, so we must continue to VERB on the vision they gave us here.

We want to thank OFFICER NAME for the hard work s/he put into their appointment. Those who know would typically describe him/ her as ADJECTIVE, ADJECTIVE, ADJECTIVE, and ADJECTIVE. We are going to miss those characteristics around here.

Thank you OFFICER NAME for those ADJECTIVE conversations that inspired us to achieve our best. As a department we are going to miss your ADJECTIVE, ADJECTIVE, and ADJECTIVE attitude. Most of all we will miss the tireless hours you spent in growing God’s kingdom.

While you may be in a new appointment, we will not VERB you any time soon. You have made a/an ADJECTIVE difference and the people of APPOINTMENT are grateful of that. Good luck in your new appointment and try to not forget about us here in the APPOINTMENT.