The smell of fresh air, the warm sun, and a beautiful mountain view greeted 88 Corps Cadets from the Golden State Division for the Corps Cadet Retreat at Camp Redwood Glen. As 3pm approached, camp’s quietness was soon overcome by beautiful faces, voices and laughter.



Finally, the first meeting arrived! We prayed that God would speak through us and use us as HIS vessels. The theme was Hidden and as the service closed it was evident that the Spirit was there and speaking to our kids. Their vulnerability allowed them to walk to the altar and write their struggles on mirrors in representation of being revealed and hiding no more. It was quite powerful.


Often, weekends are ended with a big bang on the last day, when kids are most sensitive to what they’ve heard, leaving their friends and going back to reality. But this is when they need us the most! At Corps Cadet Camp the big bang came the first night! This definitely set the mood for the rest of the weekend. The result was especially evident on Saturday evening when individual testimonies were shared amongst each other. From far away we saw how timid faces turned into beaming smiles. Kids left changed this weekend.

We have some good kids in this territory. Corps Cadets is changing lives and I know that one day we will see these young lives turn into a powerful revolution for Christ!


Always remember that what is hidden, whether it is good or bad will all be revealed.
“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17

By Elena Villatoro