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The Hawaiian Islands first ever SAY Summit Weekend was held on Oahu the first weekend of March.  SAY Summit is a weekend conference for teens and young adults that will aim to fulfill our objectives and mission.

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Hawaiian & Pacific Islands SAY Summit Objectives & Mission

SAY Summit is teen and young adult focused. The aim is to introduce or deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ. Each young person should be able to walk away, from the Territorial Commander’s event, rejuvenated for living a life of holiness.

SS 2015-6

A 16 year old girl attended SAY Summit for the first time through her corps.  Upon arrival she looked around to see a busy sight.  People laughing, hugging and shaking hands.  Her first impression was how beautiful Camp Homelani was and how friendly every one seemed.  As the programs began she was able to meet new friends.  During the evening service she felt accepted, loved and appreciated.  It did not matter that she had done drugs, that she had come from a tough home with a lot of heartache.  It did not matter that she was not doing good in school or that her history was not one she liked to talk about.  All that mattered was she felt loved and accepted for who she was, flaws, history and all.  She found herself laughing, praying and truly free for the first time in a long time.  SAY Summit allowed for fellowship, laughter, worship, acceptance and joy that she will be able to carry with her for the rest of her life.

SS 2015-5

130 Delegates and leaders came together for three days at Camp Homelani for a time of spiritual development, fellowship and encouragement. The 16 year old girl was not the only delegate who walked away from SAY Summit with a new outlook for her life and a taste of what love and acceptance truly felt like.  We pray for a blessing upon allour delegates and that their lives are touched by Jesus Christ in such a way that every decision they make will be made with Christ’s influence in their life.

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Written by: Gina Halverson, Captain