Redwood Group Guidelines

 A commitment to the following guidelines will help your Redwood Group create an environment for building community and practicing discipleship. Redwood Groups are:

Inclusive not Exclusive

  • Redwood groups are an opportunity for outreach and should be genuinely welcoming for new people. Group members are encouraged to invite others to attend and be intentional about welcoming new people who attend the group.


    • Redwood groups don’t take it personally when a group member is unable to attend. Instead, they encourage the absent member and let them know that they were missed.
    • Members keep sensitive information shared during gatherings confidential and do not gossip with others about that information.

Respectful of Others

  • Redwood Groups respect the time and commitment of everyone in the group. They start on time when possible.
  • Members respect their host by letting them know ahead of time when they are going to be late or unable to attend.
  • Members respect the opinions of others and do not dominate group discussions.


  • Redwood Group members commit to completing each series they start. After a series, book, or curriculum is completed, group members can decide if they would like to remain in the group, join another group, or start their own group.
  • While in the Redwood group, members remain committed to learning each group member’s story, building meaningful relationships with each group member, and praying for one another