Are you tired?

Are there too many things on your plate?

Do you feel like you are getting swallowed up by a steady stream of due dates?

You are not alone. We have all been there or are nearly there right now.

So how do we shake this feeling? Quit things!

Quit wasting time online

I find that I waste time with meaningless tasks more when multiple projects are lined up. I tend to find wonderful distractions online. Whether it is trying to figure out what the fox is saying or a well-executed prank, I find I get sucked into the Internet foxhole and struggle desperately to get out. The next thing I know it is the end of the workday. I procrastinate like a champ and unfortunately pay the price for it later when I cram to meet the deadline.

If this is you, unplug your Ethernet cable and close your wireless signal. Take your laptop to a different place and get yourself in a productive space. Make a list of things you want to accomplish and conquer it. I like to keep my list to only five things, with one of them being incredibly easy to accomplish. Feels good to check something off and I find it creates momentum.

Quit making excuses

When work starts to stack up, I tend to start thinking about excuses of why the items can’t get completed, even if I still have plenty of time to get the project done. I start to go through a list of things or people to blame so I can deflect just one more time.

When we take ownership (blame) over things, we not only work harder, but also work smarter. We desire to get it done. Shoot, we can’t wait to get it done so we can show it to the world.  After all, it’s your work. Stand by your work. Own your work. Feedback will certainly come which is a good thing. Process that (another blog post for another day), learn, and march on.

Quit doing it yourself

Some of us just take on too many projects. We think we are the only humans on earth that can actually accomplish whatever task stands before us. Isn’t that just silly. Stop it!! You are not that incredible. It would be a scary messed up world if I were right all the time. Get others involved, delegate, or collaborate.

Share your work. Work with your team to maximize their strengths. Yes, you will give up some control, but that is okay. In fact, often times it is better. It never makes sense to hire a team and not use them or trust them. At that point, don’t hire anyone so you can burn out faster. It may cause less damage in the long run.

This is an area that I struggle and have struggled with. I tend to want it done a certain way, and assume that some people won’t have the ability to do it. A few years ago I was called out on this and I’m thankful for it. Allowing others to contribute and own areas, has made the things we do so much better than I could ever have dreamed of.

Trust others. Trust that God has put them there for a reason.

Now, I fully understand that there are many more reasons that cause us to be overworked. But I have found that if I focus on these three areas, I can relieve a great deal of pressure. The reality is that we need to be good stewards of what God has given us. We need to be diligent in working efficiently so that projects can be completed with a sense of quality. Resist the urge to blame others and work on a work efficiency formula that will help you manage your time and work.

You will soon get into a work rhythm that makes your life easier. And, of course, give you time to ponder more ideas and projects. Here we go!


Jim Sparks