During this years WYI we put on a Creative Writing elective hosted and facilitated by Aleen Bradley. Here’s a great pieces of poetry to come out of that class written by Breanna Barrie.



It all looks so dark

A fear I’ve never experienced

Hope seems no where around

My world has become so mysterious


I remember when things were easy

A little girl I was; way back then

No pain, no fear, no worries

I was invincible and was never forced to bend


I am a woman now, and all that that may mean

I am no long sheltered, eyes covered

The truth has been exposed

Heavy with lies in-between


The safety net has been removed and I am ocean deep

I am sinking, drowning, and crying for refuge

But all I hear is silence

So I question if I’m fighting a battle that I’m destined to lose


But then upward I looked

And a bright light I saw

A tender voice began to speak

Then I felt love and compassion begin to fall


I saw a hand extended out

It reached closer and closer to mine

I was cold in the struggle

But felt warmth as our hands intertwined


There was peace and relief

As His voice began to lead

He spoke the simplest of words

“Child”, He Said, “Faith like a mustard seed”


With the simplest of words

The darkness was lifted

With Him I felt safe and secure

Even while my world was being shifted


I may be in uncharted waters

With things I know nothing about

But I know the greatest of things- God is God!

And He is greater than all my doubt


So I will rely solely on Him

Letting faith conquer the questions and pain

fFor the Son of Man is greater than all

And He will surely guide me through the rain


Breanna Barrie