Hello, my name is _________, and I’m the one Jesus loves.


Sierra del Mar hosted its SAY Summit, Word, at Pine Summit Camp. From October 20th-22nd, teens from corps around the division gathered together for fellowship and challenging teaching. The guests for the weekend all worked together to give the best opportunity for worship. The guest speaker, Craig Bowler got the weekend off to a fiery start when he reminded the delegates that we are the ones Jesus loves. Each person said these words for themselves and to others. This is the crux of the Word.

The weekend was a time full of wonderful worship led by the John Stratton band. They brought a unique element and teaching to worship. On the second night, John asked everyone to raise their hands in worship for just one song. He explained that raised hands in worship is just like a child raising their arms to be picked up by a loving parent. This short exercise opened up worship to continue to flow throughout the weekend. Maritza, from Escondido Corps said, “I would say my favorite part of the weekend is when you get the feeling during worship that everyone there is just in wow. You get the feeling where everyone feels that it’s only them and God at that moment.”


Delegates were also challenged by, territorial guest, Major Clem Leslie to give to Tanzania. The Salvation Army leadership in Tanzania requested funds for their own Youth Councils. Combined with a generous gift from the division, enough was raised to completely cover the cost of their Youth Councils.

In addition to awesome times of worship and spiritual teaching, there were great times of fellowship and learning. Guest speakers from Point Loma Nazarene University came and led workshops on college attendance, and how it glorifies God to keep learning. College students also formed four Q & A sessions. Saturday afternoon included learning and fellowship through team building. That evening, JGivens, a talented spoken word and rap artist shared his gifts to an excited audience on Saturday night.

Sunday was a culmination of Word, and it led to a call to action from the Divisional Youth Secretaries. Teens were invited and encouraged to choose whether this Word was real to them. If it was, then they needed to find ways to share it. Ultimately, the Word is Christ Himself, and so on Sunday afternoon, the teens took the Word home with them.

Testimony from Delegate – Sierra del Mar SAY Summit 2016

Maritza, 16 yrs from Escondido Corps

My perspective on Say Summit: I love it. It’s always the best time of year. The worship, the food, the people it’s just amazing. I wish it was longer because I never want to leave. I would say my favorite part is when you get the feeling during worship that everyone there is just in wow. You get the feeling where everyone feels that it’s only them and God at that moment. And it’s in that moment where you realize how blessed you are. We are blessed that we have a God who loves us so much and that he will never turn his back on us. Another great moment is when you’re with your corps and everyone connects on a very personal level and you just feel safe. Seeing your friends from other corps is amazing. The last thing is when you leave and you start thinking about SAY Summit next year and the year after and all the fun that is coming and all the good things God has planned.