Our Say Summit weekend was a life changing opportunity. Our theme was The Challenge, and we focused on different aspects of how we are challenged as believers- and generally as people. The first night we came in strong with asking the delegates if they were ready for the biggest challenge at all; if they were ready for the challenge of accepting Christ, and living for him every day. Many accepted that challenge for the first time, and we praise God for those new lives living with Jesus.

Friday evening for our late night activities we had workshops that tied back to the original challenge. Things like purity, being excited about God’s Word, and how to share you story via social media.

Saturday morning Lt. Joy Groenleer spoke about #SquadGoals. Who do you surround yourselves with, and are you up for the challenge to elevate your circle? We had Jason Leighton as a guest doing a workshop and making amazing videos for each session. During this session one of the people said, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future”. That stuck out in my mind, and in the minds of others long after the weekend finished.

For workshops we made a new believer survivor kit. It was full of elements that someone who is just meeting Jesus for the first time would need. With each element there was a workshop and a physical reminder of what it is and why it matters. We had a class on the importance of evangelism- with that we purchased cards that you can flip and manipulate to share the salvation message in a tangible way. Another class was about challenges in scripture- what does God ask of us and where can we find it. With that class each person was able to get a paperback bible, and also bible apps. We had a why church workshop where we talked about the body of Christ, and how important it is that we do this together. In this workshop the delegates received a paracord bracelet as a reminder that a strand of three chords is not easily broken, and that bracelet is something that can be used in an emergency situation- like the body of Christ should be utilized in emergencies. The last class was called the giving room and that was about what we have to offer the Lord, and why giving is important. Everyone was given a tithe envelop with symbols of time, talent, and treasure.

Free time was a blast. We did things like inflatables that were a challenge. A community art challenge- can we make something as a group that is beautiful? We did a physical challenge that was an amazing race around camp- that was a big hit.

Saturday evening we narrowed our focus from the mornings session, not only who do you surround yourself with, but are you willing to grant them space to be real and for you and them to be honest and accountable with each other. This meeting hand an emphasis on community and the body of Christ, and how much we need each other to be successful, and to be as emotionally healthy and strong.


Saturday evening we had The Brain Show come, and everyone had a chance to be challenged in participating with that. It was great to look around and to see everyone engaged, laughing, and having a great time.

Sunday morning Lt. Colonel Dusty Hill spoke about the challenge of coming down off the mountain and living this weekend in the real world. The kids were very responsive

I think that this was one of the best events we’ve done in our five years in this division. We have been so blessed to get to know these kids, teens, and young adults. We’ve seen them grow and mature in The Lord, and it has been a privilege to journey with them through it all.

Our team in the Youth Department is top of the line, and have blessed us beyond measure. Our best ideas, and smoothest implementation of those ideas have been from the minds and hands of Rachel and Cynthia. They are some of our biggest blessings in this ministry, but also as members of our family.

It’s been a wild ride, we are thankful for it all.

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