1. All flowers in the office still have their price tags on them.

photo copy 8

2. Your bookshelves tend to attract books you are going to read soon.


3. Porcelain figurines can be found in every cubicle.

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4. Most of the artwork on the walls have fancy fonts.

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5. Working whiteboards rarely get erased.

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6. Office accessories give clues that there is an internal war amongst the staff.

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7. The youth workers get cool stuff delivered to them and yet the product remains in the box.

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8. The break room boast cups and mugs that serve as a reminder of past events.

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9. The overhead filing cabinets house three ring binders from events and policies that are usually a few years old. But we just might need them one day.

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10. The property person always has the biggest and coolest magnet on their cabinet.

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11. The youth worker’s office typically has an open floor plan with plenty of shelf space.

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12. The Corps Officer’s office is typically the nicest place in the building.