I think that probably every person ever has asked themselves the question “What am I supposed to do with my life?”Many who look for answers to this question find themselves asking about God’s part in their life –


“What does GOD want from me?”

“What does God want me to do with my life?”


Whether you are interested in finding out more about what God wants from you or how God wants to be a part of your life, here are two ways you can approach an answer:

The Bible is clear about what God wants from human beings: a relationship based on love, service, and devotion to him. Life is first and foremost about loving God and not about us! He asks that we make His name famous and great throughout the world by the way we live our lives and make relationships with others with Him in mind.

Jesus lived here among us on earth so that we could know more about what it means to have a relationship with His father, God. He came to the world as a man in order to share in our joys and sufferings and to be able to relate to us. When Jesus died on the cross and was raised back to life, He established our path to an eternity spent with Him in heaven—a place without pain and without suffering. That’s love!


Learn more and read more about this by taking a journey through the story of Jesus in the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is the ultimate example of what it looks like to be in a loving and listening relationship with God.

If we are striving to have a relationship with God and to know Him better, He will reveal more of Himself to us so that we can know Him better (James 4:8). The more we grow and learn about God’s desire for everyone, the more we will be able to listen and respond when He speaks to us as individuals.

In my life, I know that when I have been reading and studying the Bible, speaking with God through prayer, and giving up my time to serve others (things that I know will show God that I love Him) I am better able to know which actions I take are the ones that will continue to please God.

If I know that my best friend is pleased when I call her to talk to her about her day, go grocery shopping with her, or come alongside her when she’s sad, I will do those things because I love her. As I grow closer to my friend and interact with her more, I will know more and more what she likes or dislikes, what she loves and what hurts her, so that I know what actions I can take to make sure our relationship is strong and growing.

As we grow closer and go deeper into a relationship with God, we come to know the person of the Holy Spirit who empowers those who love God to carry out God’s specific purpose in the world around us. In fact, the more we grow, the more will be added to us in skill, in power, and in understanding (Matthew 6:33), and our path will become clearer. This is a lifelong process, and we need to be willing to go along for the ride, whatever the cost or challenges!

We can apply these thoughts to the decisions we make in life. Ask yourself if the decisions you have to make will please God or will help you draw closer to Him.

Here are some ways we can learn more about God’s plan for us:

  • Read the Gospels (and/or get started on a regular Bible Study if you need help reading and understanding).

  • Keep up consistent communication with God through prayer, journaling, music, etc.

  • Read other books that will help you learn more (find authors who really speak to you and whom you can understand).

  • Get connected with your church and find out ways you can serve the community.

  • Talk to a pastor or youth leader you respect about what God wants for you and seek their encouragement.

  • Go out and do things you know God would love.

  • Subscribe to a daily blog that encourages you spiritually (check out Rick Warren, John Maxwell, Donald Miller, and Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff).


Aleen Bradley