What is God ASKing of you? That was the question posed to Golden State Youth Councils leaders and delegates during the 2014 Youth Councils, April 4-6 at camp Redwood Glen. Using the theme unmASKed THQ guests Cols. Vic & Joan Doughty, Major Paula Wild, Capt. Joanne Louangamath, and Cadet Iliana Montes from CFOT challenged delegates with a question every session. The Santa Ana Worship team led powerful worship with humility and honesty.


Friday night delegates were ASKed, “Are you being real with God and others?” Saturday morning Colonel Vic Doughty challenged delegates to not just put away the old way of living, but to kill it forever.

Saturday afternoon workshops offered teaching on everything from relationship holiness, to practical tips on how to run the sound board at your own corps.

Free time was filled with 9 square, human foosball, personal expression through art, messy twister, and black light miniature golf. Saturday night Rick Alonzo ministry brought the Gospel to life through art and a powerful testimony.


Sunday was a perfect ending to the weekend with Capt.  Joanne Louangamath and Cadet Iliana Montes challenging FOF members to step out in faith and follow God’s calling. In one last powerful meeting Capt. Paula Wild challenged Delegates to live in community with God and with others.

What is God ASKing of you?