Back to school means another program year is kicking off all around the territory. With Troops coming back, surely leaders’ minds are actively brainstorming which emblems to work on first, and, with so many choices, it can be exciting and a bit tedious to figure out just which ones will work for the corps, the youth, and the leaders.

Many corps will likely have some new faces coming through their doors for troops, which means loads of potential for new friends, a growing relationship with Christ, and a strengthening community among your youth. It also brings uncertainty – What in the world are these people wearing? Blood and Fire? Gross! What’s a corps? (Of course it will be pronounced “corpse” the first few times.)

This month, use this opportunity to explore The Salvation Army emblems to answer these questions for the young people and to properly introduce them to your corps. Each troop has a badge in this category, so you could use this time to have them work alongside one another on larger activities.

Click on these links below to download a pdf of each emblem.

Sunbeams – Salvation Army

Girl Guards – Salvation Army

Explorers – My Corps or SA Personalities

Rangers – SA History or Missionary


Since each troop can earn two emblems a month, why not take the opportunity to get to know more about each of your kids? This month includes National Keep Kids Creative Week! Use this time to learn about their skills by checking out one of these emblems that focus more on creativity – music, drama, the arts.


Sunbeams – Singing, Playacting, or Artist

Girl Guards – Choices with Voices, Dramatics, or Focus on the Arts

Explorers – Play Actor, Music, or 3D Art

Rangers – Theater Arts, Musician, or Creative Art


As always, check us out and follow us on Pinterest as we are always adding to our emblem boards to help find ways to enhance each badge.